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Management Company

Luscinia View is managed by Napier Road Management Company Ltd (NRMC) registered with Companies House in the UK, registration number 04926832, with its business listed as Residents Property Management.


The freeholder for Luscinia View is a company that owns the freehold of the buildings that have been built on their land.

Freeholders are responsible for erecting the buildings in full compliance with all necessary national and local regulations and standards at the time and for the repair and maintenance of the exterior and common parts of the buildings over the duration of the freehold.

A freeholder is often referred to as a landlord, which is the case for the 162 apartments at Luscinia View that were sold as leasehold properties.

Napier Road Management Company Ltd

Under the lease, and particularly because the freeholder is a company, a registered Management Company (MC) had to be formed to ensure compliance with the lease that includes maintaining the appearance, structural integrity and aesthetic appearance of the buildings as they were when completed by the builders.

When an apartment is purchased at Luscinia View the registered owner becomes a member of the management company, which is Napier Road Management Company Ltd (NRMC).


Each apartment owner/leaseholder automatically becomes a member of NRMC Ltd and is allowed to use their apartment according to the terms of their lease. This replicates the terms under the freehold, for which they pay the freeholder an annual charge (ground rent) in order to use it. The lease covers the Demised Property that includes the apartment and the one parking space specified in their lease.

It is the responsibility of each leaseholder to ensure the terms in their lease, and hence the terms specified by the freeholder, is replicated in any tenancy agreement should they decide to rent out their apartment either directly or via a letting agent.

Board of Directors

Any member of NRMC is eligible to become a volunteer non-executive Director and serve on the Board. Selection includes agreeing to meet strict criteria, willingness to adhere to the Director Code of Practice, abide with NRMC’s HSSE policies, and serve freely for the benefit of all members without personal gain or advantage.

Under the lease, a minimum of two (2) members are required to form a Board. The aims and objectives of the Board are to ensure the buildings of Luscinia View meet all national and local regulations and standards and are maintained to the high standard expected of a luxury development.

Management Company Staff

Cost-effectiveness and value for money are an important consideration in running Luscinia View. To help attain this, NRMC employs its own staff led by an experienced Estate Manager whose primary function is to always ensure the safe and efficient running of the development including when contractors and/or advisors to NRMC are on site.

We do not employ a concierge but provide times during any workday so leaseholders, or their tenants, can ask for guidance from the Estate Manager. The MA provides out of office emergency cover and can be approached with enquiries from leaseholders. Tenants should always enquire through their landlord (i.e. the leaseholder) or the landlord’s letting agent.

Managing Agent

To assist the management company to meet its obligations, a recognised and experienced Managing Agent (MA) is appointed.

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