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Thames Valley Park (TVP)

Thames Valley Park (TVP)

Thames Valley Park is a premier business park located in East Reading on the River Thames, priding itself as uniquely managing commercial and environmental development side by side.

It is short bike ride (or walk) away from Luscinia View along The Thames Path. Many residents at Luscinia View work at this Business park and walk, cycle, bus ride or drive to TVP. TVP offers two free bus services for employees and visitors to the park. A service runs between the park and Reading Train Station (10 mins walk from Luscinia View) throughout the day. At the time of writing the shuttle bus service runs from 6.45 am to 7.22 pm, Monday to Friday. Buses run on a loop and leave at six-minute intervals during peak times, 15-minute intervals at lunchtimes and 20-30 minute intervals for the rest of the day.

This is known as a major IT hub in the South of England and companies such as Oracle and Microsoft have very large bases here.

Thames Valley Park has a nature reserve which includes over 80 acres of wetland habitat alongside the River Thames. The reserve has extensive areas of wildflower-rich grassland, several ponds surrounded by reed beds and a wide variety of native trees and shrubs. It’s home to a diverse range of wildlife, with almost 40 different species of birds. Reed warblers and reed buntings make their homes here in summer and winter visitors include bittern, water rails and ducks such as the shoveler and gadwall. Dragonflies and damselflies abound, as well as the common toad and the harmless grass snake. Pontoons and other viewing areas offer visitors a privileged glimpse into this fascinating world.

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